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Commercial Snowplowing and De-Icing

If you are tired of not getting the service that you thought you should then look no further!

Sheldon's Property Maintenance / Down Under Irrigation Inc. are on the forefront of innovation and education being Kingston's only snow contractor to be a member of SIMA Snow and Ice Management Association. We are also a longstanding member of Landscape Ontario.

We are Kingston's only distributor and company using liquid de-icing / anti-icing products. We started with these products due to the increasing demand from our customers to reduce the use of salt and sand-salt mixtures, due to the environmental concerns.

Many of our locations are high profile locations such as 24 hour retail establishments and busy shopping centres that can't afford to have any accidents or slip and falls.

We try to keep the same operators on the same sites which allows for people to become more familiar and efficient with the particulars of each site.

Our snowplowing / removal / de-icing crews are known for constantly being among the first ones out and the last ones home in our industry. We are the most meticulous and safety conscious company in Kingston's snow industry. We don't sleep until all our customers are clear and safe!